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Netflix and Youtube had a baby... Presenting: Montage.TV!

The premier online film community for filmmakers and the people who love the films they make!

Showcasing your entire movie studio is now easier.

Easy-to-use film tools for indie filmmakers, production companies, and organizations. Now you can stream, manage, and brand your films with Montage.TV!!! 
With our Netflix-style studio, give your film a cinematic feel with our amazing video display that will make even the most passive viewers stay tuned until the end.
Film crews can now categorize, share and manage their films in a watchable library thanks to the Film Channel.
Watch powerful films that inspire and empower you to take risks, explore new ideas or be more creative from indie filmmakers.

Join a movie network of filmmakers 

"The idea behind this online community is to foster a space where film enthusiasts can engage in a friendly discussion about movies, share their independent content with others, and get advice on how to best make them."

- The Montage.TV Team
What Filmmakers are saying about Montage.TV... all the great things!!!
This platform offers the opportunity to connect with your audience and make a shorter distance between the creator and your fan. It's the wild-west, and I love it.
Ali Leroy,
Producer, Director, Writer, and Actor
Co-Creator of Everybody Hates Chris
"Montage.TV is exactly what the film industry needs right now. it's an incredible place for creators who really care about film to come together, make beautiful films, and find an appreciative audience."
Kai Barry,
Writer, Producer, Director
The Operative (Newcomer)

Your film content. Streamed properly!

Stream your films with features designed strictly for filmmakers.

Showcase films in style

Watch streaming movies and series in your browser with Montage.TV. Upload and share your content while enjoying a stylish, easy-to-use interface.
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Manage movies details

Montage.TV offers a powerful, easy-to-use platform for managing your video privacy and access permissions. Our cloud-based solution makes it easy to keep track of who can view your videos and when.

Join a community

Montage.TV is where the film community happens. Join a community of film enthusiasts where you can connect, stream movies, and promote independent content, together!
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Ready to create a powerful movie studio?

  • Indie filmmakers

  • Production companies

  • Film festivals

  • Film schools

  • Organizations

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