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Why Montage.TV?

Explore our features

Montage.TV makes it simple to upload, customize, manage, and showcase content from your hardworking production team.


Montage.TV also provides powerful tools for managing your film's distribution, such as scheduling releases and managing permissions.


Create channels for your viewers - to help them filter content based on whatever categories you like.


Manage all your content in place. Filter through content and keep up to date with what's new.

Netflix-style design

Showcase your content with an intuitive UI and with added customizable features for streaming.

Video CMS

Distributing your video content can be a time-consuming and cumbersome process, but Montage.TV's movie CMS makes it easy.

OTT White Labeling 

Montage.TV supports you and your subscribers so you can launch your channel and grow your audience quickly and easily. 

Notification essentials

Montage.TV makes it simple to receive notifications, archive your messages, and more.

Push Notifications is a great way to ensure you don't miss any of the action. With push notifications, you can be alerted whenever new content is added to the site.


This is great for when you want to declutter your inbox without permanently deleting anything.


Montage.TV offers a variety of channels management features through which you can distribute your films, with organizing and managing.

Channel management

Organizing your movies in web series or features is a great way to keep your content organized and presentation under control. Create channels for your content.

Channel Filter

Filter content and find all your most loved genres in one place. This way, you can forget the noise and pay attention to the content that interests you the most.


Genres use a channel system to group movies and web series with similar styles or subject matter.

Private groups

Need to share content with a select group of people? Montage.TV makes it easy to create private channels only authorized members can see.


Watch community channels on Montage.TV, along with the benefits of joining them and why you should consider creating your own.

Content Streaming

Watch your favorite films and movies anytime, anywhere with Montage.TV's OTT platform – now with added benefits!


Learn about the different features of Montage.TV video-on-demand service can be used to create an amazing viewing experience for your customers or your fans.

Video Hosting

Discover the powerful video hosting features that make Montage.TV the perfect place to showcase your films and movies online.

Movie showcases

Watch trailers, clips, and behind-the-scenes footage from the latest films and movies.

Films, web series & more

Montage.TV is the video streaming platform for indie filmmakers who want to share powerful, engaging videos that move people.

Engage your audience

Everything you need to know about how to engage and interact with the film community online is right here on Montage.TV

HTML 5 video player

Watch, pause and resume your favorite movies in HD on any device using the brand new HTML5 video player from Montage.TV!

Security & Privacy

Your films are a secure and private viewing experience for your fans.

Viewer permissions

Want to control who can view your movies and films? Utilize Montage.TV's channel feature to set viewer permissions so you can keep your content safe and private.


Montage.TV is GDPR compliant.
Whit labeling

Join the streaming platform.

Filmmakers deserve an OTT service that's customizable just for us.

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